The Rocket Fueled Blog - December 25, 2021

Grateful AF on Christmas 2021.

It's the holidays and there's thousands of things to finish before Christmas Day and before we turn the new year over. No doubt you're busy - with bills to sort out, presents to buy, last-minute festive preparations on top of a day job and your list of chores to complete is only piling up. I know life is a whirlwind of hectic responsibilities - but the one thing that keeps me grounded is concentrating on giving gratitude.

When we focus on being grateful for all the positive things around us, it allows for an unshakeable calmness and peace to seep in. It's a chance to slow down, take stock, and allows us to remember what matters most this time of year.

The beginning of 2021 and now.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote several posts regarding 'the new normal'. This 'new normal' was different for each person. I for one departed a large e-commerce company to start my own marketing firm. For others, the switch from office life to work from home life was the gap that they had to traverse, all the while balancing their kids' home-schooling. For business communities in general, it was finding new ways to serve one another, including modification and changes to our supply chain.

Highlights: Things we can be grateful for.

With all of these changes occurring, we have to find the highlights we can be grateful for. Changing jobs meant uncertainty but it created amazing new opportunities that I would otherwise have not been able to be a part of. Working from home meant adapting a room to a home-office but it also meant being able to spend quality time with family and spend less time commuting. The supply chain issues we have and will likely continue to experience has caused prices of gasoline and groceries to increase, but it also helped us prioritize the trips we take and the types of goods we consume.

Forget about the bumps in the road.

It's never a bad time to be grateful. Being thankful for the little things in life makes allows us to enjoy in moment. It helps us forget about the bumps on the road and enjoy the journey we're all taking part in. It allows us to focus on our goals and desires, be it professional or personal. And it lets us see things for the way they are and not the way we wish for them to be. For me, being thankful for life’s blessings is something that has helped me survive the current year and allows one to look forward to experiencing the good times that have yet to come.

This is a short post, but I felt that writing it was important as it gives me the opportunity to reflect while wishing you a wonderful Christmas in 2021 and an even more wonderful Happy New Year in 2022.

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Grateful AF on Christmas, 2021.


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