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Why Storytelling Is Imporant in Marketing.

This article will cover the important aspects of storytelling and why they are relevant to modern-day marketing. Here, we will answer the following questions: What makes a story stand out? Who are the characters in the story? What is the lesson to be learned?

Stories have been a part of human history for as long as humans have had history. They are powerful because they provide context to the events in our lives, and they allow us to see the world through someone else's eyes. Stories help us to make sense of things that otherwise might seem beyond our ability to understand. The use of storytelling in marketing is used to help reach customers. In fact, nearly every business has a story of its own -- it just needs to be told.

What makes a story stand out?

Stories can be used in marketing for many different purposes. A company may want to tell its own story, or it could decide to tell a customer's story. It could even use storytelling as part of an educational rather than a typical marketing campaign. Lastly, its also a great way to showcase how wonderful your team truly is.

Who are the characters in the story?

Stories contain characters that are both memorable and relatable. Thus, the story must convey some type of valuable message which a prospective client is able to relate to: whether it's about the company itself or about another customer whose experience is being shared. It might be an inspiring tale of the company's humble beginnings or a heartfelt thank-you from a customer whose problem was solved. Sharing real and specific examples makes for a story worth re-telling.

What lesson does the story portray?

The lessons learned from the story can be extended beyond the specifics of the story and applied to other aspects of life. These stories teach lessons that become part of a group or company culture, or even just part of an individual's philosophy. It is this aspect that will allow a brand to build a reputation and foster a community that stays with them into the future.

Case Study: A Truly Genuine Welcome Video

A long-time friend and former dental-school classmate turned client requested to create a welcome-video to showcase on their website, stating that the they wanted to introduce themselves and their office in a way that's genuine to who they are. They provided an example of another film that was previously produced at another office to use as a template. We then used this to identify what was most important to showcase in the video; asking questions, such as: who they were, where they're located and what services they offered, all the while showcasing their genuine selves.

We did this by asking them engaging questions, such as: What makes your team awesome to work with? Which parts of the work make you feel inspired and energized daily? What are you most proud of in your office? Normally, one would just focus on their services and products offered, but we felt that it was more important to get to know who the prospective clients and patients would meet when they first visit the office, while helping them understand why they are so passionate about their work.

In the end, we were able to produce a film that showed both the services they offered, but also why they were passionate about their work.

Drs. Chin and Pharar, Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Finding your story and what makes you passionate about your work is part of the journey you will have to take in your own business and office.

Asking questions such as: what makes you excited about your work and what makes you proud of the products and services you produce and provide, will not only create the bond needed to create trust between you and your viewer, but it will also yield genuine stories that are worth remembering and sharing.

In summary, by being true-to-oneself, you are able to share stories that bring both pride to your work and joy in the people you work with, while presenting stories that are relatable to the viewer, where their own problems are solved. These are some of the best ones to share.

Marketing through storytelling forces businesses to think about the needs of their customers first. In doing so, they are creating a scenario in which viewers are able to picture themselves in the shoes of those customers. It provides an opportunity for businesses to frame their products and services in terms of potential customers’ actual wants and needs rather than focusing on what the business thinks what would be best for them. In the end, the stories worth sharing are the ones in service of others; consequently, its also the golden rule of business.

Why Storytelling Is Important in Today's Marketing World.


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