Elevating Brands Through Engaging Imagery and Masterful Storytelling

Brand Elevation

Brand elevation is more than a marketing practice, it's creating experiences that go beyond the typical, developing the brand into one belonging to the exceptional and uncommon. It is also the development of relationships between the company and its customers; furthering one's reputation and trust through exceptional customer service and experiences that deliver WOW.

  • Branding & Design Strategy
  • Customer Loyalty Establishment
  • Company Culture Development
  • Experiential Marketing

Engaging Imagery

Producing images that elicit excitement and engagement is the key to the attraction and retention of one's target audience. Capturing 'Micro Moments', which are the moments where consumers are motivated to take action: wanting to learn something, do something, go somewhere, or buy something, right NOW, are the moments that we target in-order to transform attention into engagement and sales.

  • Documentary & Photojournalism
  • Product & Event Photography
  • Automotive Photography
  • Film/Video Production

Masterful Storytelling

Connecting with the audience is no longer a faceless endeavor. Building a cohesive narrative means engaging the customer at a deeper level; developing an experience that bridges the gap between the initial product offering and the emotions the brand provokes. This is the art of marketing that we passionately practice and pursue at Rocket Fueled.

  • Pulling On The Heart Strings
  • Motivates & Inspires
  • Provoking Energy & Excitement
  • Mobilized To Take Action

Our Launch Process

Defining the problem or opportunity: Clarifying the overarching problem or opportunity will show how to best determine the loss of market share and makes way for the discovery of how to launch new products to specific demographics.

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The pre-production phase brings together all of the essential components of production. This includes: locking the scripts, finalizing budgets, hiring talent, arranging for equipment rentals, scheduling, etc. The production phase enacts the plans, going live in the field. This produces all of the assets necessary to tell the story we are telling.

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Post-production is the stage after production when content production end and the editing of the visual and audio assets begin. Editing photo assets, cutting raw film footage, adding soundtracks, and dialing in of the final products all occurs in this phase.

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At this phase, we've locked in the story and we're now ready to launch the assets for customers to experience.

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