The Rocket Fueled Blog - April 1, 2021

When there is plenty, send more than what is needed.

Since the original lock-down, many companies have resorted to working from home. This means a lot of free time is at people’s doorstep due to the fact they need not have to leave it. Last year, Gartner revealed that 82% of company leadership support the plan to allow workers to come-in remotely for at least some of the time. This year, remote working has displayed a lot of positive aspects including: more safety from COVID-19, more quality time spent with family and less overhead for office-units.

On the other hand, a few negative aspects include tending to work more and later into the evenings, weight gain and higher BP from the lack of external mobility, and less physical interaction with fellow human beings overall. While remote work is not some new fad, as we all move forward, there will exist a degree of remote work and thus changing how people work together to get their jobs and projects done.

Where do we find the benefit in all this?

Well, your ability to reach people at home has grown tremendously as more and more people clock-in and out from the comfort of their bed office. However, this also means that you are likely swimming with other sharks in the water, competing for those people’s attention. This means being creative with your resources is paramount to staying above water. You will have to publish more, and test new ideas more consistently and not rely on typical methods of capturing attention.

To publish more content and test more engaging ideas, you’ll need to minimize the tools you use.

One of the tools that we started using is – This neat little tool allows you to get started for free so you can test and build up to what you need conveying and then quick go to publish. The best way to explain it is that this little tool lets you create videos with pro-level graphics via drag and drop methods and it comes even comes with an assortment of photo assets in the form of backgrounds, all ready for use. This means: less time searching and more time building, publishing, and billing. One of the problems our clients face during the COVID-19 pandemic is that there is not as many opportunities to publish due to times being less eventful. With an overabundance of people scrolling through their social feeds, using Animoto as a tool to publish greater numbers to reach these individuals is paramount to gathering your audience’s attention. Being able to create, test and reiterate content that is worth paying attention, in greater numbers and less time is key, when things are plentiful.

Bonus – Try before you buy Animoto

When there is plenty, send more than what is needed.

Photos by: Samuel Regan-Asante, Tim Mossholder, Dimitri Houtteman, Chungkuk Bae, Elaine Casap, Lina Trochez, via Unsplash.


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