The Rocket Fueled Blog - April 4, 2021

The market looks
better with a tan.

Spring is here and soon enough summer will arrive. That means that it is not the weather that is changing, it is the trends in the marketplace as well. Much like the heat of battle between Netflix and Blockbuster, there exists a subjugation of the old with what is currently emerging. What type of opportunities does the new season bring?

As of now it is still all speculation. Will the battery power vehicles overthrow petrol powered cars? Will hybrid technology still be around? What is the state of cryptocurrency and is it a viable form of currency? The truth is, no one knows what can and will happen. The market determines the supply and demand and that is something beyond the control of marketers and businessmen and women. What we can do however is look towards what the needs of the next generation entails. Will house ownership continue to be a crisis for millennials and later generations? If so, more affordable housing units may need be developed. That means producing more affordable sustainable furnishing. It may mean the final and inevitable life of desktop PCs as they take up much needed living space. It may even lead to development of community grounds at which one can gather with fellow neighbors, only to return to their living spaces for rest and respite.

Or the opposite could occur: the housing prices continue to go up due to lack of building smaller but more affordable housing units, wages continue to remain stagnant, technology could become cheaper, but this could equate to less job availability as things move more towards automation. This paints a picture of the future where cars drive themselves and we may need not have to renew our drivers license every couple of years.

In a sense, all of this sounds good and all of it can also be bad. The thing is, again, the market determines the outcome. What we can do as marketers, however, is invest on the story that resounds well within us and the audience we are trying to reach. We can paint a picture of dismay and fear or we can push towards hope and triumph. I imagine our jobs more as storytellers than we are marketers as what we see and hear in our minds is what we display in the work we produce.

So, in this coming season, what type of story will you portray? Personally, the doom and gloom material are whack (90’s me is showing again) and hope through sustainability and clean energy sounds dope. So that is the attention I will focus on.

Because at the end of however many months, eventually summer will come, and I would rather pitch a beach tent rather than a tantrum. Whatever the case, the market looks better with a tan.

Bonus – Get your tan on with a surfing llamma @ Target

Whatever the case, the market looks better with a tan.

Photos by: Chris Galbraith, CHUTTERSNAP, the blowup, Arw Zero, Wesley Tingey, Vlad B, via Unsplash.


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