The Rocket Fueled Blog - April 2, 2021

Catch the water when it rains:
A stimulus check lesson.

The positive outcome of the latest stimulus check is that more people can afford to do the things they need to do. As an actual example, we recently pushed one of our clients towards marketing for brake services at their automotive shop. Here timing was key: prior to the stimulus check, there were a lot of customers requesting quotes, but not booking for the actual service.

Once the stimulus checks hit their bank accounts however, they would book their appointments as quick as we could call them. The trick here is that we gathered customer’s needs for brake services ahead of time by publishing in-store and online, garnering attention with incentives.

Once we have identified the prospective customers, we waited until the stimulus checks were disbursed, then directly contacted the customers via phone, email, and social channels.

Indirectly, we also ran promoted and sponsored ads to remind the prospective customers of the offer and thus exhibiting reach several times over the month until they decided its time to get their brakes serviced.

The interesting fact is that the ones that did not need their brakes serviced were also quick to come in and/or call regarding other repairs/maintenance their vehicles needed including oil-changes and ac-recharges, which contributed to their monthly overall sales as well.

Thus, the lesson to learn from this is to anticipate the rain so that you know when to catch the water. In this case, when people receive their refunds and stimulus checks, but you can also apply this method of timing with/when paychecks hit bank accounts, like the first or fifteenth of the month.

Bonus – If your customer spending hundreds for a service, send them a NICER reminder card @ Target

Anticipate the rain so that you know when to catch the water.

Photos by: Nick Scheerbart, Daoudi Aissa, Erik Witsoe, Hannah Domsic, Geetanjal Khanna, John Noonan, via Unsplash.


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